Joseph Cheaney founded the company in 1886 and was joined by his two sons in 1903. The business originally made shoes exclusively for some of the finest retailers in the world designing them specifically to each company’s requirements.

The shoemaking process in the early days was carried out by many separate businesses in outhouses known as shops, usually at the bottom of their garden. Joseph Cheaney became established taking on every process of shoemaking from the cutting of the leather right through to the final polish. Even now Cheaney still follow this procedure rather than outsourcing to the Far East like many other companies.

We are able to offer a refurbishment service with Cheaney which takes approximately 8 weeks where they undergo the same process as to when they were originally made. New soles are fitted and stitched in their traditional manner where skilled craftsmen re-build the shoes. This can only be done provided the shoes have not been repaired previously elsewhere.